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I know I said I was going to start posting three sentence fics tonight but I’m taking an early night for my mental health, so it’ll have to start tomorrow instead.

Sorry my lovelies <3. You’re welcome to throw more prompts in the inbox overnight. *hugs*

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Undead Talks (ITF chatroom) 14 september 2014 [GMT+1/England time zone]





OK, too busy nursing my hangover to make a pretty post.

You’ve seen all of the two series of In The Flesh and want to chat with other redeemed about anything that strikes your fancy? Maybe even make some tumblr friends?

Join us tonight, starting 7PM, at tinychat.com/adgby
The password (not working before 6:55PM) will be: pdsbuddha

See you in a few!
(and track the #itfchat tag to stay updated on this chat initiative)

Tis on!

Still no one despite that some of you looked interested. So I’m closing it.

Send me messages on when you’d like a session (which day) and I’ll try to go for the more popular choice.

This will be reminded as the chat in which amydyersgreatblueyonder was lost in another dimension. A crappy one tbh. There were no ITF fans.

*hands up* I couldn’t come today because I spend Sundays at my mum’s place! Any other day of the week though and anytime between 7pm - 1am is good for me <3.

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Call for three sentence fic prompts!



Especially for: In The Flesh, Nightmare Dork University (got plenty of NDU now :D), Wardrobeverse, Rise of the Guardians, Guardians of Childhood, Legacy of Kain, Good Omens, Maleficent, Terminator: Salvation, Final Fantasy VII, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

I’m struggling to work on any of my longer pieces so I figure it would be a good idea to work on some shorter stuff first to get the creative juices flowing <3.

So, as I’ve gained a bunch of new followers lately, here’s the drill!

Go to my askbox: http://emeraldembers.tumblr.com/ask

And leave a prompt with a character, pairing, threesome or moresome, along with a kink or scenario you’d like to see.

You can do it anon or not, and I will write a three sentence fic for it! I don’t write inter-generational incest, non-con, extreme underage, scat, police AUs, or bestiality. Thus far that’s about it as far as what I won’t write, because I’m pretty flexible!

Also, you’re welcome to send multiple prompts, just please make it one prompt per message so that publishing is easier.

Reblogging to remind everyone I’m still taking prompts, and plan to start work on them over the weekend :).

Last chance saloon! You’ve got to the end of today to send any prompts you’d like me to tackle, and as of Monday morning I shan’t be taking any more and will start posting fills <3.

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Chronically ill people face ableism, you don’t get to conveniently forget this to talk about how mentally ill people are treated

"Imagine if all people with illnesses were treated like-"


uhh sorry but im gonna have to disagree with you on certain aspects of that. most ppl with illnesses like cancer and diabetes etc dont get told stuff like “just get over it” “its all in your head” “you’re exaggerating” and stuff like that so yeah i agree that ill people face ableism but in most of the comparisons ive seen its saying stuff like what i said above and the fact is most physically ill people dont hear comments like that because you can actually SEE their illness and mentally ill people dont have that. but im not saying that either is easier than the other just saying this was kinda vague

my chronically ill sister has been told all three of those things by medical professionals so you can take your wrong opinion and throw it off a fucking cliff

Yup. Typical example - people who have conditions that cause pain and/or exhaustion without showing “obvious” physical symptoms or requiring use of walking aids get thrown under the bus all the time. In fact they get the extra fun of self-righteous people leaving little notes on their cars saying “How dare you use the disabled parking space when you don’t use a wheelchair” and other lovely things.

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Another fyi for my newer followers - I love pet names, so if we ever chat there is a good chance you will at some point hear me calling you one of the following, often preceded by “My”:

  • Sweetpea
  • Sugarplum
  • Sugarplumbutt
  • Sweetiepie
  • Honey
  • Honeybuns
  • Babycakes
  • Schnookums
  • Sweetums
  • Honeybunny
  • Love
  • Lovely
  • Darling
  • Dear
  • Dearest
  • Gorgeous
  • [A two syllable version of your name/nickname]-poos

Star, saint, and angel are normally reserved for if I really REALLY like you and/or you have done me a favour at some point <3.

And I pretty much consider all of the above gender neutral but if you identify as male I’ll probably call you “handsome” at some points too. Exclusively female and you might get “queen” or “princess”.

It’s a habit I have in real life as well, mostly as a way to hide from the fact I am awful at remembering people’s real names, and saying “Hello, handsome!” or “Hiya gorgeous!” is an easy way to get around that without offending anybody in the process. Huzzah!